Who We Are

A firm believer in quality, Shubhi brings to you the best books on Indian Heritage, Art, Architecture, Culture, Religion and Philosophy. After a decade of excellence in providing offset printing for leading publishers, Shubhi itself ventured into publishing of Scholarly Reference Books in 1998.

With more than 500 titles and the release of about 45 books in a year, ours has become a name associated with the publishing of Academic and Scholarly books of superior quality.
Our books though Indian in essence, have a global appeal and focus on Art, Literature, Sociology, Management, War and Military Science, Self-Help, and other allied subjects.

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest minds in the country including Dr. Karan Singh, Vasant Sathe, Shovana Narayan, Dr. S.Y Quraishi, Uma Vasudev, Shikha Jain, and Parvez Dewan, to name just a few.

We are always looking to add to our prestigious list of publications and welcome writers with original and well-researched manuscripts for publication, in not only the non-fiction category but in fiction as well.

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