Neeru Misra
Neeru Misra

Dr. Neeru Misra, an art historian, is Program Director with Indian Council for Cultural Relations and currently on deputation to United Nations Development Program. Having specialized in Medieval Indian History, she has made significant contributions in the areas of history and social process.

Her books, Splendors of Rajasthan Paintings (2008), Indo Thai Cultural Relations (2007), Mapping Connections (2006), Sufi s and Sufism: Some Reflections (2005), Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property (2003), Garden Tomb of Humayun: An Abode in Paradise (2003) and Succession and Imperial Leadership Among the Mughals (1994) have been widely acclaimed.

She has been associated with the academic programs of the Smithsonian Institutions, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Thammasat University, Bangkok. Widely traveled, she is a visiting faculty to several Universities. She has been a Consultant to the United Nations Development Program and is presently Director with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations under the Ministry of External Affairs.

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