One of the best exponents of Kuchipudi, Swapnasundari’s creative genius extends far beyond the boundaries of dance. She finds creative expression in Koochipoodi, Bharatha Natyam, Vilasini Natyam, vocal music, choreography, music composition, teaching, writing, and a host of related artistic activity.

While making successive contributions to her field, she continued to earn acclaim for her performances at both national and international forums. She has extended the frontiers of understanding of Andhra’s dance traditions by bringing to center stage, the lesser-known dance form of Kuchipudi, and with pioneering work in the nearly obsolete temple and court dance traditions of Andhra which she has revitalized and recast as Vilasini Natyam.

Her proficiency in music, understanding of poetry and literature, multi-lingual abilities, and a keen intellect is reflected both in her performances and choreography

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