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The following notes are an attempt to combine all that is of chief interest in the numerous works, a list of which will be found overleaf, that refer to the Palace of Shahjahan at Delhi, in the hope that they may lend an added interest to a visit to the Fort. The information from Indian historians has been collected by the late Maulvi Shuaib, formerly a member of my staff. It has been somewhat difficult to keep the notes within the scope of what is generally known as a “guide” and the writer hopes that the text will not be found to the overload with quotations. Some of these are however, of considerable interest and local colour, and throw much additional light on the history of the buildings and their former functions. The plan is taken from the reproduction of the old plan of the Fort illustrated in Fergusson’s History of Eastern and Indian Architecture. It contains several rather prominent inaccuracies but gives, on the whole, a fairly good idea of the former arrangement of the inaccuracies but gives, on the whole, a fairly good idea of the Palace. The measurements on the plan have been added by the writer for purpose of reference. It is suggested that the “birds-eye” sketch, which is an attempt at the conjectural restoration of the Palace buildings as they stood in the days of the “Great Mogul,” be studied with the plan. The translations of the inscriptions on the Khwabagh and Muthamman Burj have been given by Maulvi Zafar Hasan, Assistant Superintendent, Northern Circle.

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