A Confluence of Indian Dance, Drama


This tome — in the author’s ongoing effort to chronicle Indian performing arts in a lavishly illustrated, “coffeetable” format that began in the 1990’s and has already grown into some seven volumes – can be considered as both a sequel as well as a unique addition to the entire series. This is the eighth volume, bringing it to the later years of the 2010’s decade, maintaining the same quality and standard as the earlier volumes: in design, get-up and illustrations.

This is also a unique addition to the performing arts series in that it pays very special attention to the Eastern Indian scenario which – despite being a very creative segment of our land — goes largely unnoticed. This tome pays a glowing tribute to these artists and performers for their zeal and skills, — without diminishing in any way the national contribution that does surge through and recharge the eastern milieu’s own oeuvre.

This tome also uniquely chronicles quite a few commentaries and overviews, and some reviews of important tracts published on Indian dance, drama and related arts: in the past decade or so. This is a first-time effort of its kind.


Dr. Utpal K. Banerjee has been an adviser on Management and Information Technology for 35 years, after obtaining Ph D in the UK as Commonwealth Scholar. He has always an abiding interest in Indian Art and Culture. He has been National Project Director for IGNCA relating to the UNDP project on Multimedia Database for Art and Culture Documentation and Computerisation (1991-93). He lectured on Indian Art and Culture in Canada (1990) and in South America (1998) under ICCR and gave similar lectures in Canada (1992, 1995) under Kalabharati. He gave lectures on Indian Art and Culture for the IFS probationers and in the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) to Afro-Asian diplomats. His article on “Role of Cultural Diplomacy” appeared in Indian Foreign Policy Agenda for the 21st Century from FSI. His comprehensive book on Indian Performing Arts (1992) has gone into several editions. He presented Tagore’s Dance in ‘World Dance Alliance – Global Summit’ in Brisbane, Australia, 2008.

His writings for theatre criticism began with ENACT from the 1960s and continued over the subsequent decades. His major books on theatre are: Bengali Theatre: 200 Years (1998), Indian Theatre in 21st Century (2009) and Theatre in South Asia: Frontiers of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Overseas (2012). He regularly wrote on arts and culture scene in prominent daily newspapers and journals, including India Perspective, Indrama quarterly and Indian Horizons. He has, since 1994, a regular cultural column in The Pioneer. He has been a regular contributor on cultural and professional programmes to London BBC, AIR and Television over last 32 years. His in-depth interviews of Indian dance; music and, theatre luminaries for DD Bharati are frequently telecast. His book Hindu Joy of Life (2006) was followed by Indian Performing Arts: A Mosaic (2006) and Millennium Glimpses of Indian Performing Arts (2006), besides Exuberance of Indian Classical Dance (2010) and Indian Contemporary Dance Extravaganza (2010). He has now done Vignettes of Indian Performing Arts (2013, two volumes).


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