A Hundred Dreams


A Hundred Dreams is a book about relationships, love, hope, despair and trust. The poems in this book are about those evanescent feelings that flash across the mind and then evaporate like the mist, leaving no trace. They are momentary regrets, joys, doubts and sadnesses that overwhelm all of us at some point in life. We brush them away lest they become lasting and make a dent in our peaceful existence. Her poems are not about profound lessons or deeper meanings of life. They are just vignettes of a normal life. I have collected the photographs of the benches from around the world and span over a decade. Benches are unlike a home yet some become home. Home to rest the weary soul, unburden it and then go one’s way. A bench where one can shed a few tears. Abench where there is no judgment. A bench where one is not cast in a mould, stamped and poste



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