Himalayas are at the northern frontier of India since the ancient period. The mythology and literature support this boundary alignment. Boundaries are the line of the political zones. The
boundary is a meeting place to socio-political bodies each having its particular interest, structure
and idealogy. The Tibetan and Chinese influence infact never gain a permanent footing on the Indian side of the Himalayas throughout the centuries of Hindu Rule in India. It is reality and fact that India’s northern frontiers as not been formally demarcated along its entire length. Infact the terrain of northern frontier is very difficult andmakes the demarcation son ground impossible at various places. Hence the dispute but the historical evidences suggest that both Aksai Chin and Ladakh
belong to India but China under their policy of expanding their empire first annexed Aksai Chin. They got emboldened after the 1962 war victory over India. And now their intention is to take full control over the northern frontier of India. This book elaborates the Chinese intentions and the way to deal with the nation gone rogue.



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