Art Without Frontiers: Classical Dances and Music of India

The classical performing arts of India, with millennia of antecedents, languished during the colonial period and were revitalized during India’s pre-Independence conscious reclaiming of heritage. The efforts of many great individuals in sustaining and reconstructing traditions played a vital role in contributing to this vital aspect of national identity. Post Independence, these arts contributed to a sense of ational integration as they were embraced by exponents from regions and communities beyond the original parameters of location,language, religion or caste. The last quarter of the 20th century saw these classical genres draw increasing numbers of exponents from beyond India’s borders as well as widely diverse communities within India; both increasing into the 21st century.
This book originated from the issues of Indian classical performing arts in the world context of presentation,performance training and earning
traditions in the modern milieu by students and artists from nontraditional backgrounds. Many of the ideas presented here were shared during seminars between 1990 and 2018 bringing together artists, gurus and arts scholars. The Art Without Frontiers seminars of the ‘90’s were in conjunction with a unique series of classical Indian dance and music festivals by artists of non-Indian origin (Videshi Kalakar Utsavs) that
changed the perception that nonIndian practitioners of these arts could be regarded as artists and not merely students



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