Curriculam Development in Teacher Education Innovative Practices


In this book several Professors,Research Scholars and Students have contributed their research papers for the National Seminar on Innovative
Curriculum Development Practices in Teacher Education organized by the Department of Education, University of Jammu held on February 17, 2017 under UGC-SAP. Each paper depicts reflects divergent thinking of authors and is focussed on how innovative curriculum development practices can be adopted to make teacher education programme worthy and fruitful. The revitalisation and reorganisation of the teacher education ogramme is a powerful tool for the upliftment of educational standards in the country. Effective curriculum frameworks for initial teacher education aimed at developing professionalism in teachers are expected to have their base in well defined standards for various categories of teachers.
Therefore, any reform in developmental practices of teacher education should ideally be accompanied by reforms in teacher preparation courses
also. The focus of the seminar was to understand curriculum innovation from the perspective of teacher educators and the prospective teachers.



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