Enchanting Indian Wild Life


The great planner that Nature is, it has created an exquisitely balanced world for all of its children. Conserving wildlife is not limited to damage control on our part. Fixing our mistakes is essential but not leing them happen shall be the secret to a healthy and peaceful planet. Co-existence in harmony with Nature is the key to life. Though preserving and protecting wildlife is imminent it has to be done with care and concern, in keeping with the mandate of Nature. This book is based a round the natural wilderness of Northern and Central India where the lives of a billion creatures are entwined with the unseen rope of mutual understanding and respect towards eac other. Home to Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Elephants, many species of herbivores and almost over a thousand species of birds, the wild kingdom weaves its magic on every being that visits it seeking joy in the lap of Nature. The experience is pure joy. This book lets the reader discover the wild kingdom through the eyes of an adolescent who with his bestie camera steps out in search of his share of wild euphoria. Through tales of a myriad encounters, the book introduces the reader to the natural world with love and passion, puing scientific rationale aside, and helps create a primary bond with the inhabitants of the


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