Flight of the Swans


It is a love story of an AngloNepalese woman, Hamsa, with three lovers at different phases of her life. Set in the 19th century, it is about the Indian renaissance and encounters and exchanges between the East and West, Vedanta-Tantra and Christianity, new liberalism and caste. The novel deals with a family of Brahmin royals with covert British blood, unknown even to them andothers. The story is about an incestuous alliance, deceit and compassion. The drama sweeps across continents. Poets and gigantic intellects, the legends of the era, participate. The alter egos of Sri Aurobindo and Oscar Wilde interpret the Idea of man. Therefore, the language is lyrical and poetic at places. It is the story of the ruin of a Nepali royal family thatmigrates to the hills of India after the famous Kot coup in Kathmandu in 1846. One daughter is raped by a British soldier, and Hamsa is born. Neel Madhav, the son of the raja and abbot of Dwarikadhish, falls in love withHamsa. Neel and Hamsa marry. The couple goes to London at the invitation of Hamsa’s biological father. There they meet many interesting characters like Maharaja Hari Singhof Punjab and Lord Gray. Neel returns, and Hamsa stays back to serve her sick father. She again falls in love, Lord Gray, a bisexual, this time. Under the conspiracy of his partners, Gray lands in jail. Neel turns into a respected sage in Gir forest. Hamsa is lost. Her son, Martin Thompson, comes to India to find his own origin.


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