Grand Architecture of Medieval Braj (Set of 2 Vols.)

From the dazzling spectacle of fort-palace complexes to the gigantic temples or the beautiful havelīs, gardens, cenotaphs and Stepwells, ajasthan preserves a remarkable demonstration of inventive and display a mesmerizing decorative complexity with form and ornament combining to create an indivisible whole.The monuments testify to a culture where local and imported ideas, vernacular and pan-Islamic traditions fused and reinterpreted to create a majestic architectural heritage with exceptional buildings.General publications on Indian Regional architecture usually devote a single chapter to the Rajasthan. Even specialist monographs can only cover a portion of the region due to the sheer number of sites as well as only single type of building.Built between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries by the Rajput Maharajas, with stylistic variations, this book represents the first comprehensive, regional study of these fort-palace complexes, temples, cenotaphs, havelīs,gardens and water conservation techniques in two volumes to embrace the visual diversity of the Rajasthan without sacrificing the rigour of the cademic study. Structures of all types historical or architectural significances are placed in their context. It traces the evolution and transformation of the forms and ornamental motifs and its sub-regional variations. A chapter is dedicated to each type of building (i.e., alace, temples, cenotaphs,havelis, gardens and water-conserving techniques) and every principal Rajput sites (i.e, Gwalior, Amber, Jaipur, Nahargarh,Jaigarh, Udaipur, Chittor, Ranthambhor,Mandore, Jodhpur, Kumbhalgarh, Bikaner,Jaisalmer, Nagaur is accompanied by maps,plans, and lates for architectural elements and surface decorative motifs. Alternating chapters that address chronological or regionally based evelopments with thematic studies, the book presents the architectural developments in a way that makes them accessible, interesting, and intellectually stimulating. It investigates how the examined regions were center of specific artistic developments. Aiming to introduce new tools of analysis,the book offers fresh insight into the discipline, supported by elaborate 30 tables and 51 stunning plates comprising architectural forms and decorative motifs.The plates are juxtaposed with graphic transpositions of the designs, patterns, and ornamentation to reveal the nature of the architectural detail where stones, wood, mirror work and pilaster are transformed into masterworks of decorative art. The innovative volume reveals the exquisite detail of the decorative compositions, their finesse, precision and creativity. This book presents an exhaustive, detailed and documented version of traditional ‘Rajput art and architecture’ for the exploring researchers who wants to look eyond the obvious destinations and for the architects, art historian and conservationists looking at vernacular architecture in search for
regional roots.



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