Indian Miniature Paintings


This book is a comprehensive research on miniature paintings of hunting scenes illustrated during the Mughal period of India. Though hunting appears as a mere activity, however, in essence it promotes and develops other dimensions related to sustenance and surviving such as enhancing wisdom and knowledge, providing a means of entertainment and employment, as a practice of weapons during the peace times for the royalty and soldiers, establishing sociopolitical relationships and the contemporary trades. The miniature paintings on hunting not only throw light on the emperors’ and professional hunters’ skills but serve as a significant visual records in terms of technique, arrangement, territory, environment, significance of the event etc. This book includes a huge number of paintings executed on live hunting expeditions played by various emperors, nobles and professionals etc., also related to the Indian and Persian classical and folk literature, which has specifically focused on graphic narration of hunting scenes. As contemporary hunters during the Mughal era, the gallantry of the Rajput Kings cannot go unnoticed and is also highlighted. This volume of educational research also has its roots in my association with teaching Fine Arts and I hope that historians, art-students, researchers, artlovers, sport persons etc. will appreciate it and benefit out of it.


Dr. Zeba Hasan has thirty five years of rich experience in the field of Fine Arts. She was conferred with the Ph.D degree for her research on “A critical study of the Mughal paintings on hunting”. She also completed her Minor research project on the subject “Critical Study of the paintings of Illustrated Manuscript Padmawat (In the collection of National Museum, New Delhi)” (in Hindi language)2006- 08 and the Major research Project on the topic “Study of Indian Art with special reference to Feminism” 2009-2011. Both the above projects have been completed under the sponsorship of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India.

Besides, thirteen research scholars have been conferred with the degree of Ph.D. under her guidance. She has published several research papers and attended national and international seminars.

Dr. Zeba Hasan is a recognized artist of the prestigious organization- National Lalit Kala Akademi of India and participated in several national and international art-exhibitions


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