Mathura Inscriptions


In 1904 Luders had begun to prepare “a list of the Indian inscriptions prior to about A.D. 400”, i.e. his “List of Brahmi Inscriptions (from the earliest times to about A.D. 400 with exception of those of Asoka.” There is no doubt that Luders did not intend to arrange the Mathura Inscriptions in the edition according to the numerical order of his list which is arranged mainly for practical purposes: The records from villages north, west and southwest of Mathura are placed at the beginning (Nos 13-15 with apps. Nos 12a-15a), those from villages south and east of Mathura, however, are right at the end (No 150 with apps. Nos 149a—c) of the Mathura section. The inscriptions from Mathura itself and from the old sanctuaries around Mathura are placed in the middle, first epigraphs having dates of years (Nos 16-78 with apps. Nos 22a-69a), then records with fragmentarily preserved dates (Nos 78-89 with apps. Nos 81a-89c). The following Nos 90-91 with apps. Nos 91a—c contain only numbers (no dates at all). Apps. Nos 125a—y are undated Buddhist inscriptions from different places of discovery, arranged partly according to palaeography, partly according to content.


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