Rajarshi Bhagyachandra & the Bhakti Movement in Eastern Indian Literature

Rajarshi Bhagyachandra as a monarch ruled Manipur for forty years. He was not only a courageous and skilled warrior but was also deeply religious and considered a great upholder of tradition and culture. For his contribution to the promotion of Vaishnavite religion, the
Shreepat Kheturi Sammelan (1682 Sakabda) honoured Maharaja Bhagyachandra by confering the Joypatra (merituous honour) ‘Khunti’and cknowledging him as Raja Rishi (later shortening to ‘Rajarshi’). The Sammelan is now referred as Kheturi Utsav.
He was also credited for introducing the internationally famed ‘Ras Leela’ (one of the eight classical dances of India) and the Nat Sankritana (one of the 14 elements inscribed on the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity).



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