Shringara in Classical Indian Dance

Shringara, Sringara, Śṛṅgāra, Sringar (love) is the dominant rasa, or aesthetic flavor, that has been interpreted in literature, philosophy, the visual and performing arts amidst other rasas – Śṛṅgāra (erotic), Hāsyam (comic),Kāruṇyam (pathetic), Raudram (fury),Veeram (heroic), hayānakam (fearful),Bībhatsa (odious) and Adbhutam (marvellous), Shantam (peaceful).Spiritual love through dance is a core consciousness in the Indian subcontinent documented in the 2000-year-old Nāṭyaśāstra and shared in temple dance and sculpture since then. Such dance lexicons were culled out of western spiritual traditions over roughly the same time period. The concept of communicating unselfish, unconditional spiritual love through the metaphors of mundane human love is intrinsic to Indian aesthetic and philosophical traditions. The chapters of this book offer insights into both the shared and unique understanding and performance of shringara in various classical Indian dance traditions.



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