Streevesham in Kathakali

“Streevesham” or the female impersonation have been an integral component in many Indian Classical Dance Dramas. While tracing the development f Kathakali, the book provides an in-depth understanding of its “streevesham” aspect – a ongruous element of this highly classical Dance Drama form. The book delineates the importance of ‘Streevesham’ by tracing its origin not only in athakali but also in other allied performing arts like Bhagavat Mela Natakam, Ankia Nat, Kuchipudi, Yakshagana including the other art forms from Kerala like Krishnanattam or folk art forms like Theyyam and so on. The book discusses in detail the historicity behind the technique of the streevesham genus of Kathakali. There has not been much work in English emphasising only on the streevesham of Kathakali and the elaborate discussion on Angika, Satvika, Vachika and Aharya with special reference to female impersonation will definitely make this book unique and awe inspiring for practitioners of dance forms across all genres.



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